About STC Curriculum

The rigorous research and development process behind the STC™ Program ensures that the learning experiences contained in each unit reflect current scientific thinking, are pedagogically sound, and are developmentally age-appropriate for students.

Each STC™ unit is based on a four-stage learning cycle that is grounded in educational research and practice:

  • First, students focus on what they already know about a topic.
  • Second, students explore a scientific phenomenon or concept, following a well-structured sequence of classroom investigations.
  • Third, students reflect on their observations, record them in journals, draw conclusions, and share their findings with others.
  • Finally, students apply their learning to real-life situations and to other areas of the curriculum.

In addition to this basal science curriculum, we also offer the STC Literacy Series™ for grades K–6. This series balances the needs of emerging readers with states' science, math and social studies standards. Content is presented in a colorful, engaging, and age-appropriate manner ideal for reading time. 

To learn more about our alignment with your state standards, or adopting our curriculum in your school or district, please contact our publisher, Carolina Biological