Changing Habitats

Changing Habitats

Changing Habitats is part of the Smithsonian Science Stories Literacy Series. Changing Habitats features short stories and is aligned to grade 3 standards with a focus on science and engineering. In Changing Habitats, students will read about the habitats of invertebrates and mammals, how fossils provide evidence of past habitats, and how students can act as scientists in their communities. They will also read about how people solve problems related to keeping animals safe when roads affect their habitat.                

Changing Habitats includes the following features:                    

  • Stories that focus on the impact on animals when their habitats change
  • Stories that highlight science and engineering careers
  • Incorporation of images from the Smithsonian National Zoo and content based on research from Smithsonian programs, including Neighborhood Nestwatch from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and the eMammal project from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
  • Official Lexile range: 560-830L


Print edition available at Carolina.com