How Can We Stop Soil From Washing Away?

How Can We Stop Soil From Washing Away?

How Can We Stop Soil from Washing Away? is part of Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, a brand new curriculum series by the Smithsonian Science Education Center. It is aligned to a group of grade 2 standards. It has a focus of engineering with a secondary focus on Earth science. In this module students:

  • Use evidence to make claims about the similarities and differences between soil and sand
  • Carry out an investigation to provide evidence for how wind and water can change the shape of the soil and sand
  • Analyze the effectiveness, structure, and function of models for four materials that could be used to prevent or slow down erosion
  • Develop a measurement scale to determine how much sand is washed away by water during tests
  • Compare multiple solutions designed to reduce the ways water and wind have changed the shape of the land
  • Use their understanding of erosion to design a way to save sand towers from destruction caused by water

Below are digital resources that support teaching of this module.


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