Coming Soon: 2024-2025 NESST Youth Ambassadors

Coming Soon: 2024-2025 NESST Youth Ambassadors

The Smithsonian Science Education Center is looking for high school students, ages 14-19, to serve on a global Youth Ambassador Team dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future. Part of the Network for Emergent Socio-Scientific Thinking (NESST), young people on this team will be key advisors, collaborators, and implementors of NESST work, and contribute to activities such as:  

  • Connection with youth around the world and other professionals to learn about complex global topics like those found in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • Development of content that will be showcased virtually at events like COP28, Smithsonian Speaker Series, and other public-facing programs.  

  • Leadership opportunities to take action in your own local community.  

  • Opportunities for mentorship from scientists, professionals, educators, and researchers in a variety of fields.  

You can help us to share this hopeful vision of the future and engage others in the movement. A few hours a month can make a big difference. We hope you will join us to set in motion a growing global network of young people and professionals working together to make the world a better and more sustainable place! If you are interested in being part of this year-long virtual Smithsonian Science Education Center Youth Ambassador Program, Applications will be available on this page in August 2024.

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What is NESST?

NESST is the Network for Emergent Socio-Scientific Thinking. Housed at Smithsonian Science Education Center, it is a global network comprised of youth, educational innovators, business leaders, STEM professionals, and communities interested in transforming STEM education. Committed to thinking differently through the lens of emergence and complexity, NESST reimagines transdisciplinary education and life on a sustainable planet. Learn more here.

Who are we looking for to be a Youth Ambassador?

We are looking for young people who are dedicated to investigating local and global issues through a lens of science, who are motivated to take action, and who are willing to represent their communities in a global forum. We are seeking: 

  • Up to 20 young people ages 14-19 who represent countries around the world.  

  • Youth Ambassadors must be proficient in both written and spoken English.  

  • Individuals who can commit to being a Youth Ambassador for 1 year from selection date (roughly End of September 2024-September 2025). 

  • Individuals who can dedicate up to seven hours per month participating in NESST activities and attend weekly hour-long meetings.  

What are some benefits of participating?

Some benefits to becoming a Youth Ambassador include: 

  • The opportunity to network with professionals in many fields, and gain additional knowledge about science, sustainability, and social issues. 

  • Contribution towards projects and conversations that will be featured virtually at several high-profile events across the year, such as COP28.  

  • A certificate acknowledging your contributions, and your name and picture listed on the NESST website. 

  • The opportunity to engage and collaborate with other youth from around the world and to bring new ways of thinking and acting for a better future to your own community.