NESST Teacher Ambassador Program 2023-2025

NESST Teacher Ambassador Program 2023-2025

Join A Community of Educators Working to Innovate Teaching About Complex Global Issues! 

The Network for Emergent Socio-Scientific Thinking (NESST), housed at the Smithsonian Science Education Center, is recruiting passionate, invested teachers in North America to participate in and co-design an emergent Teacher Ambassador Program.  Participating teachers will be advisors, co-creators, learners and implementers dedicated to thinking about and acting on challenges humanity is facing in a creative, innovative way. 

This multi-year virtual program is ideal for middle and high school teachers of any subject that want to bring complex socio-scientific issues to their classroom, are excited to work with a network of similarly passionate educators, and are compelled by the idea of co-creating something new.   

Apply to become a Teacher Ambassador by December 15th 2023!  

For additional inquiries about this program, please contact Katherine P. Blanchard at  



NESST is the Network for Emergent Socio-Scientific Thinking. It is a global network comprised of youth, educational innovators, business leaders, STEM professionals, and communities interested in transforming STEM education. Committed to thinking differently through the lens of emergence and complexity, NESST reimagines education and life on a sustainable planet. Learn more here. 



This program is designed for educators who want to integrate STEM education on complex global issues and sustainable development into their existing teacher practice. Ideal candidates:  

  • Are dedicated to investigating local and global issues through a lens of science, motivated to collaborate and innovate on education practices, and able to represent their communities and fellow teachers in a global forum. 
  • Able to commit to being a part of the program from December 2023-Fall 2025 
  • Will dedicate up to 10 hours per month during the school year, including attending weekly hour-long meetings.  
  • Will dedicate 15 hours per month from May-August to co-create the future  
  • Are interested in, and have the capacity/freedom to, implement new and experimental curriculum into their classrooms  
  • Are flexible in how they work, and comfortable with uncertainty, emergence and thinking differently about education 
  • Want to be a part of a community of teacher learners who are doing similar things 



Some benefits to becoming a Teacher Ambassador include:  

  • Belonging to a community of purpose along with other educators who share the same values and hopes for the future  
  • Engaging and collaborate with other educators from around the world and to bring new ways of thinking and acting for a better future to your own community 
  • Accessing resources that summarize existing research, curriculum and other best practices in the field 
  • Gaining experience with tools and resources to support your teaching and learning practice 
  • Networking with professionals in many fields, and gain additional knowledge about science, sustainability, and social issues.  
  • The opportunity to become a teacher-in-residence at the Smithsonian Science Education Center 


December-May 2024 (10 hours per month): Participate as Teacher Ambassadors, explore research and best practices, identify a Smithsonian Science for Global Goals guide that the group would like to implement with students. Implement the guide with students, continue to meet to discuss teaching practice and implementation strategies 

May-August 2024 (15 hours per month): Co-create a mentorship program and Teacher Ambassador model for a future cohort of NESST Teacher Ambassadors 

August 2024-September 2025 (10 hours per month): Mentor incoming Teacher Ambassadors, identify and implement plans for the future of the NESST Teacher Ambassador Programs 



Complete this application form by December 15, 2023: