After attending one of our Strategic Planning Institutes, many leadership teams return to their communities and discover specific aspects of implementing their strategic plan to be particularly challenging. We offer Implementation Institutes as follow up to better support communities at this stage.

Implementation Institutes are generally 2-3 days and reconvene leadership teams who previously attended a strategic planning institute to assess their progress, update their plan, and gain more support in the areas of greatest need.


Step One: Gain tools for assessing implementation progress of the strategic plan.

Teams review their plan written during the strategic planning institute and make any updates based on their progress thus far. Expert faculty facilitate a critical review with the teams and provide support where necessary.

Step Two: Take a deeper dive into one or more of the five pillars of the LASER model to address common implementation challenges.

Prior to the institute, participants will work with the SSEC to identify which pillars of the LASER model are most challenging to their implementation. During the institute, these pillars are revisited in an in-depth manner, exploring the nuances and realities of implementation now that participants have a better understanding of what that looks like for their community.

Step Three: Revisit and update the strategic plan integrating strategies to sustain and grow science education.

While we encourage leadership teams to meet regularly after the SPI, include other important players in their meetings, and update their plans according to their needs, finding the time to do this regularly is not always a reality. Attending an Implementation Institute is a great way for teams to dedicate time to revisit the progress of their plan.