Dr. Carol O'Donnell Provides Keynote on "Place-based Learning" at Metroplex Area Science Supervisors (MASS) Meeting

November 16, 2019 

Dr. Carol O'Donnell, Director of the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC), served as the keynote speaker at the Metroplex Area Science Supervisors (MASS) convening held in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area on October 18th. Carol discussed the importance of place-based learning and engaged the local area school district science supervisors in a hands-on STEM activity from the SSEC's 5th grade module, "How can we provide freshwater to those in need?" from the Smithsonian Science for the Classroom NGSS curriculum. In this module, groups of students evaluate information about a specific town in order to design a solution for accessing and treating water that meets specified criteria and constraints. Using the Edwards Aquifer in Texas as the place-based scientific phenomenon, Carol engaged the supervisors first-hand in designing a solution for pumping groundwater (like the water found in the Edwards Aquifer) to the surface. Science supervisors communicated possible solutions to failure points encountered during system testing and discussed its application to Texas. To view Dr. O'Donnell's presentation, click here. To request a similar presentation in your area, email knans.griffing@carolina.com