Smithsonian Science Education Center Wins $4.5M US Department of Education "Education Innovation & Research (EIR)" Award

October 7, 2019

A new 5-year $4.5M grant ($3.9M from US Department of Education plust a $500K match) titled "Smithsonian Science for the Classroom: Improving Student Achievement Across State Borders and State Standards" will bring “Smithsonian Science for the Classroom” to more than 11,250 students in grades 3-5 in North Carolina and South Carolina in partnership with two community collaborators—the North Carolina Science, Math and Technology Center (CEO, Sam Houston) and the South Carolina Coalition for Mathematics & Science (CEO, Tom Peters)—and one external evaluator from the University of Memphis. Schools will receive differentiated science and engineering professional development aligned with SSEC's curriculum, 3-dimensional pedagogy, and content PD. Together these services can improve student outcomes in rural communities consisting largely of high needs populations. Expected outcomes include student learning in the disciplines of science, engineering, reading, and math, as well as increased teacher confidence and preparedness.