Smithsonian Science for Global Goals: A UNA-USA Example of "Glocalizing"

October 17, 2020

Amanda Abrom, Global Goals Ambassador of the United Nations Association of the USA highlighted the Smithsonian Science for Global Goals project of the SSEC as one of 5 examples of "Glocalizing"--teaching global problems through local examples. Abrom's states that, "Glocalizing is a new concept in K-12 education that is used to connect global and local contexts." It is based on global citizenship education and education for sustainable development and emphasizes that students learn about how they can practically apply sustainable development concepts that affect their local communities. Abrom's concludes, "In this way, students are more likely to take meaningful actions because they have an easier time grasping concepts that are locally and culturally relevant." To learn more about the SSEC's project, go to:

Read more about glocalizing education here: