Scale and Sustain

Support from the SSEC doesn’t end after a school, district or community has completed our continuum of programs. The SSEC seeks to build lasting relationships and partnerships across the country and around the world while developing a cadre of LASER advocates who understand the transformational capacity of the model.

After attending a leadership program, participants remain a part of the SSEC family and their network grows exponentially.

We call upon those who have had transformative experiences working with their school, district, or community to be a part of future programming. The faculty at our institutes have all been participants previously and bring a wealth of knowledge from going through the process of transformation themselves.

The SSEC can continue to offer support on an as-needed, consultation basis. While the schools, districts, and communities that participate in our programs achieve great successes, that does not mean that they don’t face hiccups along the way. We are here to support you. If you are interested in reinvigorating the LASER model in your area, reach out to us to discuss your consulting options.

By the time your community walks away from the SSEC Leadership Development programs, you have the skills, knowledge, and network to sustain your program in perpetuity. Your passion for science education and your understanding of the transformative power of the LASER model are what will fuel your program to grow and evolve over time.  But don’t just take our word for it. Explore some of our successful outcomes on Our Results page!