Stories of Women in STEM: Biotechnology

Stories of Women in STEM: Biotechnology

Editing genes; creating technologies to prevent animal extinction; developing biomaterials to stop bleeding and create safer surgeries; inventing new methods to feed a growing human population; monitoring human health via wastewater: biotechnology is changing the world and women are leading the way. Biotechnology is using biological materials to meet people’s needs and improve their lives.  The Smithsonian Science Education Center presents Stories of Women in STEM: Biotechnology, to tell the stories of seven ingenious women in biotechnology who are helping to create a better world.

Stories of Women in  STEM: Biotechnology features biographies of trailblazing women who made history through their scientific discoveries and innovation in biotechnology. From biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jennifer Doudna to Kenyan crop researcher Dr. Felister Makini, learn how women have defied gender and racial stereotypes and overcome structural barriers to advance the science, technology, engineering, and math industry.

The Stories of Women in STEM: Biotechnology project was supported by Johnson & Johnson.

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