Aquation: The Freshwater Access Game

Aquation: The Freshwater Access Game


Choice, strategy, balance, and . . . water equity? Parts of the planet are struggling to get enough water. Use each region's wealth to build pipes, desalinate water, and conduct research to bring water where it's needed most. Monsoons, dry spells, disease, and even cursed lawn sprinklers can help or hinder your progress. Manage your wealth and water carefully to solve the world's water crisis!

- Take actions to balance global water resources.
- React to global events.
- Make discoveries through research and recruit investors to share in the profits.
- Review and reflect on your strategy.
- Build, upgrade and use desalination plants to create fresh water.
- Play in the classroom or at home.

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Primary funding provided by a Youth Access Grant from the Smithsonian Institution's Office of the Assistant Secretary for Education and Access.

Nominated for a Webby People's Voice Awards

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