Tami's Tower: Let's Think About Engineering

Tami's Tower: Let's Think About Engineering

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It’s lunch time and Tami, the golden lion tamarin, is hungry! Help Tami reach the delicious fruit by building a tower. But watch out! Other animals can cause Tami’s tower to topple over.

From the Smithsonian Science Education Center, Tami’s Tower: Let’s Think About Engineering is an educational engineering design game that will help teach your student how to design a solution to a problem using basic engineering design principles.

Educational features:

  • Aligned to educational science standards for kindergarten through second grade
  • Designed for emergent readers
  • Grounded in educational psychology research
  • Metacognitive prompts provide students an opportunity to monitor and assess their own confidence
  • Teachers can assess student responses to metacognitive prompts through an in-game summary screen
  • In-game tutorial to teach students how to play
  • Introduces students to engineering design principles
  • Students will learn how the shape of an object can help it function as needed to solve a problem
  • Students can reflect on previous attempts to improve design
  • Students can design a level in Sandbox mode
  • Designed to be used in the classroom or at home


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Primary funding provided by a Youth Access Grant from the Smithsonian Institution's Office of the Associate Provost for Education and Access.