Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp

Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp

Note: The web version of Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp requires Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded from, to be installed. Adobe Flash Player is compatible with all modern web browsers. If it doesn’t work, make sure your web browser is updated, or try running the game in a different web browser.

Lions! Pandas! Naked mole rats? Come visit them all at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. We are on the lookout for animals that are swimming, running, wiggling, and stomping. Grab a camera and take some pictures of animals on the move!

Shutterbugs teaches students how to describe movement and motion while visiting rare animals at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Each animal has coloring-page printouts, so you can print and color your favorite critter.

Shutterbugs: Wiggle and Stomp is available as a website for desktop and laptop computers. For use on iPad, download the application from the Apple App Store.

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Primary funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education through the Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund.