Whale Protection Corps

Whale Protection Corps

The Whale Protection Corps needs your help! Every year, ships carry goods to and from the coast of California. But, the west coast is also home to several migrating humpback whales that could get hit by the ships! In this simulation, use no-go zones, slow zones, and whale reporting to find a balanced solution to protect the whales!

Whale Protection Corps is a life science game where players can simulate different solutions to the real-world problem of whale collisions. Each solution you try will be ranked on how well it protects the whales, how much it impacted shipping, and how many resources were spent.

Whale Protection Corps is available as a website for desktop and laptop computers. For use on tablets and smartphones, download the application from the Amazon Apps & Games Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

Educational Features
  • Aligned to educational science standards for third to fifth grade
  • Designed for emergent readers
  • Grounded in educational psychology research
  • In-game questions and prompts designed for reflection
  • In-game tutorial to teach students how to play
  • Centered around discovery-based learning and computational thinking
  • Introduces students to how models can be used to find solutions to real-world problems
  • Fully standalone learning experience
  • Also designed to be used with SSEC Science for the Classroom Curriculum

Alternative Text

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Funded by

This game was funded by Department of Defense (DoD) STEM