How Would You Design a Lighthouse?

How Would You Design a Lighthouse?

In this activity, students read about two problems encountered by ships at sea. They read about how lighthouses can solve those problems. The compare different lighthouse pictures and identify common parts of lighthouses. They look at the patterns on lighthouse towers, learn why there are many different ones used, and draw their own unique lighthouse pattern. They design a lighthouse model, then build one using materials found around the house. This activity is adapted from a grade 1 physical science module in Smithsonian Science for the Classroom.
Resources to support this activity are below.

Lighthouse Map

This webpage has more information about the lighthouses pictured in “Shining the Light.”

How Can I Win a Game of Flashlight Tag?

This activity allows students to investigate how light interacts with different materials.
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Lighthouse Sheet

Lighthouse drawing sheets.
Download Lighthouse Drawing Sheets PDF