How Can We Change Solids And Liquids?

How Can We Change Solids And Liquids?

How Can We Change Solids and Liquids? is part of Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, a curriculum series by the Smithsonian Science Education Center. It is designed to address a bundle of grade 2 engineering and physical science standards. In this module, students:

  • Construct an explanation for how an artist made a sculpture from marine debris.
  • Use observations to describe patterns of behavior in solids and liquids.
  • Construct an explanation about what happens to crayon wax when heated and cooled.
  • Design a solution for changing melted crayons into crayons they can use.
  • Compare a variety of materials to make a prediction about which ones will make the best filling for a boo-boo pack.
  • Analyze data from tests of their selected boo-boo pack materials to determine if they work as intended after being frozen.

Below are digital resources that support teaching of this module.

Lesson 1: Piece by Piece

Family Letter
Before starting How Can We Change Solids and Liquids? share the Family Letter with students’ caregivers. Indicate how they should submit responses to the letter.
Download the Family Letter PDF

Ada Asks Introduction (2:25 minutes)
Ada introduces students to the phenomenon of an artist building a sculpture from marine debris. Closed captioning is available in the YouTube version by clicking the “CC” icon.

Watch Ada Asks introduction on YouTube

or Download the Ada Asks Introduction Video

Washed Ashore
Lessons 1 and 2 feature a sculpture that is part of Artula and the Washed Ashore Project with Angela Haseltine Pozzi as Founder. Learn more about the Washed Ashore project.

Ada’s Sculpture
This file contains images to support student discussion and sensemaking about how the sculpture in the Ada Asks video was created.
Download the Ada's Sculpture PDF

Washed Ashore Image Gallery
Use this gallery of the huge variety of artworks created as part of the Washed Ashore project to engage and inspire your students. As an enrichment activity, encourage students to think about how they could repurpose plastic items to create a piece of art that would raise awareness about the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Tami’s Tower
In this game, used in an extension activity, students have to build a tower to help Tami, the golden lion tamarin, reach the fruit. Tami’s Tower is available online and as a mobile app. It is also available in Spanish.

Lesson 3: What Happens to Wax?

Melting Candle (00:29 minutes)
This video shows a group of candles burning.
Download the Melting Candle Video

Melting Candle Closeup (00:20 minutes)
This short video shows a zoomed in view of a candle burning and being blown out.
Download the Melting Candle Closeup Video

Lesson 4: A Solid Explanation

Solids and Liquids
This file contains instructions for comparing the properties of solids and liquids.
Download the Solids and Liquids PDF

Lesson 6: Making a Mold

Tende Time (2:49 minutes)
This audio file is a traditional Tuareg music track featuring a tende drum, clapping, and vocals.
Download the Tende Time Audio File

Lesson 9: Boo-Boo Pack Problems Part 1

Ada Asks Science Challenge (1:51 minutes)
Ada introduces the students to the module science challenge. Closed captioning is available in the YouTube version by clicking the “CC” icon.

Watch Ada Asks Science Challenge on YouTube

or Download the Ada Asks Science Challenge Video

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