Styling Sun Safety

Styling Sun Safety

In this activity students will design and engineer solutions to protect people from harmful UV rays, based on strategies found in nature. Students will learn about how animals use a variety of adaptations to protect themselves from getting too much Sun. Students will make connections between those adaptations and the strategies people use to keep themselves safe from the Sun. Using design-thinking strategies, students will create an outfit for a Sun safety fashion show, connecting to the ideas they learned from Sun safety techniques used by animals and people.

This activity typically takes 1 hour to complete and should be done in one session.

Styling Sun Safety is part of the STEM2D Student Activity Series. The content and layout were developed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center as part of Johnson & Johnson’s WiSTEM²D initiative (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and Design), using a template provided by FHI 360 and JA Worldwide. This series includes a suite of interactive and fun, hands-on activities for girls (and boys), ages 5–18, globally.


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