7 Pinterest Boards to Follow for STEM Resources

In recent years, Pinterest has grown to be one of the most influential social platforms on the Internet. According to Mediabistro, Pinterest hit 10 million unique visitors faster than any site in history and has grown by over 2,000% since May 2011. Pinterest boasts some pretty amazing statistics proving that it is the ultimate tool used for gathering and organizing content found on the web. Most people know Pinterest as the platform of choice to plan your wedding or your fall wardrobe, but Pinterest can also be used to collect incredible STEM learning resources to use in the classroom or with your kids at home. Whether you are a Pinterest newbie or a pinning veteran, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite science and education boards. 

Homeschooler Confessions

Homeschooler Confessions has boards ranging from decorating to crafts for kids, but, the board we most admire is "Math Ideas for Kids." This board contains a variety of fun math activity ideas that can be done in the classroom or at home. There are instructions accompanying each pin that explains the activity in full detail. Try this shaving cream math experiment below!

Little girl doing a Math for Kids activity

Homeschooler Confessions has a blog! Check it out!


Technology has become a growing commodity in the classroom. There are many benefits to utilizing the latest technical advancements to enrich education. Some benefits include higher levels of student engagement, research is starting to suggest the enhancement of cognitive development, and allowing for students to more easily learn at their own pace. Edudemic has Pinterest boards dedicated to "a community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning." 

Edudemic's "Education Technology Group Board" is a board in which various people pin to. This board is devoted to all things that can enhance learning through computers, tablets, or mobile devices. This board is great for finding resources such as unique apps, infographics, and tips on using technology in the classroom.

Education Technology Group Pintrest page

Edudemic has a blog for people interested in connecting education and technology.

Little Miss Kindergarten

Little Miss Kindergarten is a pinner who has a large selection of boards dedicated to all things kindergarten. All of the boards are useful for both the classroom and home. We are quite partial to the "I LOVE Science!" board. This board is a truly curated board, as all of the content came from somewhere else on the web and is not created by the pinner.

"I Love Science" Pintrest page

Little Miss Kindergarten is a popular blogger with more great resources. 

Education World

Education World has resources for teachers at all grade levels. Boards range from a variety of topics that include bullying prevention, character development, and Common Core standards. There are so many great resources to choose from, but naturally we picked the "Science & Technology" board. This board has a great mix of science and technology resources and is well worth following.
Science and Technology Pinterest page

Head on over to Education World for great articles on education and resources 

Science Stuff

Science Stuff has a great amount of science-based resources for students in grades 7-12. These activities are sure to keep students in this age range engaged in the wonders of biology and chemistry.

Science Stuff Pinterest Page

Follow Science Stuff for easy to understand science articles.

The Science Penguin

We never thought we would advise educators to take the advice of a penguin, but we will make an exception - Science Penguin really knows its stuff! Boards include a variety of topics in the sciences as well as other great resources for decorating classrooms for holidays, learning center resources, and activities for learning outside of the classroom. There are so many to choose from - check them out to find your favorite!

Science Penguin Pinterest Page

The Science Penguin offers additional content on their blog.

Teachers Notebook

Teachers Notebook is an online resource for teachers to share original teaching resources. Just like The Science Penguin there are too many boards for us to choose just one! Take some time to browse all that they have to offer. You just may find something that will enhance your classroom activities!

Teacher Notebook templates

Teachers Notebook has a great website that complements their board.

With 25 million Pinterest users, it was hard to choose just a few of the boards that have resources for teachers. Share with us your favorite Pinterest board to follow in the comments below and follow us on Pinterest!

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