Energy Week at SSEATS

Hi, Energy Academicians!

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Welcome to our 2013 Energy SSEAT Blog. This site was created for you to network, share ideas, to keep touch after the Academy, and generally to provide a casual digital forum for us to talk energy!

Please introduce yourselves, tell us about your basic background, including things like: the path that lead you to the Academy, why you teach, why the sciences, etc. Also, include two random fun facts. Or just share why you're unique/awesome/memorable.

I'll start it off:  

I'm Kristin Spitz and I'm a summer intern at the SSEC. I just finished my Junior year at Georgetown University where I am studying Biology of Global Health. For the past two years, I have volunteered as a tutor with Georgetown's Math and Science Outreach and Enrichment program and will continue my interest in education with my senior thesis.  For my thesis, I will be teaching Biology in a public high school in the District of Columbia.I am very excited to use my experience with the SSEC, and particularly the SSEAT academies, in my own classroom next year.

@DaNel_Hogan for the photo!

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Kristin Spitz
SSEC Professional Services Intern, summer 2013

Kristin is a rising senior at Georgetown University studying Biology of Global Health and a volunteer tutor with Georgetown’s Math and Science Outreach and Enrichment program. Kristin plans to continue focusing on education for her senior thesis, during which she will be teaching Biology in a public high school in the District of Columbia.