Getting "Wise" with Pegmatites

"In order to understand Earth, you have to understand rocks and minerals." Dr. Michael Wise took science teachers from around the nation behind the scenes to learn about some unusual rocks and minerals. His specialty is with pegmatite  a mineral found in a variety of critical electronics (such as video game consoles).

Interview with a Smithsonian Scientist: Dr. Michael Wise from Smithsonian Science Ed Center on Vimeo.

[Video by Sonia Vargas]

Here is an ultra-cool fact about Dr. Wise for you Earth science teachers out there: it's not just pegmatite that can be found in video games (consoles, that is)...Dr. Wise is the star of his own game as well. Check out BrainPop's Game Up* where you can search for minerals and identify them in Dr. Wise's lab! 

animated drawing of Dr. Wise in his lab

Dr. Wise in his lab

* Editorial Note: This post was updated to remove the hyperlink to BrainPop since the game is no longer there. 

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