Welcome to The Biodiversity Week!

Hi, Biodiversity Academicians! 

Welcome to our 2013 Biodiversity SSEAT Blog. This site was created for you to network, share ideas, to keep touch after the Academy, and generally to provide a casual digital forum for us to talk biodiversity! 

Scuba diver swimming with fish

First off please introduce yourselves: 

  • Start with your name (you can laugh, but I'm sure you get nameless papers all the time). 
  • Then a basic background, including things like: the path that lead you to the Academy, why you teach, why the sciences, etc. 
  • One or two random fun facts. Or just share why you're unique/awesome/memorable. 

I'll start it off:  

I'm Joanna Green and I'm a summer intern at the SSEC.  I just finished my Masters in Marine Science at the University of Georgia.  My thesis was on photochemistry and the microbial response in the Amazon River...basically the sun breaks up complex river molecules, which effects the microbial community, as these are their food source (if you want to know more I'm happy to discuss further).  I love sharing my passion for science and believe anyone can be a scientist.  I have a diverse background in research from paleoclimatology to the evolution of sexual reproduction.  I have also clocked in quite a bit of fieldwork from coral research in the South Pacific to microbial diversity studies in the Arctic tundra.And several topics and places in between.

Random Fact(s):

I was part of the northern-most Michael Jackson tribute. We performed a section of Thriller in our field gear. In the video you will notice the numerous mosquito fly-bys, so it wasn't simply for anonymity...although see if you can guess which one is me.  ;) 

For my teaching certification I choreographed the process of mitosis into a suite of movements dubbed the "Mitosis Macarena" and re-wrote Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" to "Cell Division."  If you want to see the steps more clearly, let me know.  We can dance it out sometime.

Getting equipment ready before going SCUBA diving

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About the Author

Joanna Green
SSEC Intern, summer 2013

Joanna is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia where she completed her Masters in Marine Science and a thesis on photochemistry and the microbial response in the Amazon River. She loves sharing her passion for science and believes anyone can be a scientist - even you!