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Education Around the Globe: Creating Opportunities and Transforming Lives

Three SSEC staff co-authored a chapter in the book, “Education Around the Globe: Creating Opportunities and Transforming Lives” a volume in the series “International Education Inquiries: People, Places, and Perspectives 2030.” Their article “Learning to Act: Smithsonian Science for Global Goals and Empowering Young People to Develop a Habit of Considered Action-Taking” was co-authored by Heidi Gibson, Katherine Blanchard, and Carol O’Donnell. The book is available through Information Age Publishing: https://www.infoagepub.com/products/Education-Around-the-Globe


Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby

O’Donnell recorded an episode of the 'Let's Talk About Skills, Baby' podcast. The podcast is focused on skills make people successful. O’Donnell talked about how students in grades K-12 develop STEM skills, innovative approaches to improving STEM skills-based hiring, and STEM learning around the world. 



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