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2022 Global Talent Summit

On October 5th, Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) Director, Dr. Carol O’Donnell, gave a flash talk on “ESD for ESG: Education for Sustainable Development” at the 2022 Global Talent Summit  (GTS) in Washington, DC. The GTS is the premier space for multi-disciplinary stakeholders from the private sector, policy, academia, and innovation to come together to discuss the trends and solutions for the future of work and education. Since its founding in 2013, GTS has convened over 6,000 strategists, key opinion leaders, and relevant stakeholders to shape the future of talent through education, innovation, and recruitment. 


IAP Global Webinar

O’Donnell, along with other fellow members of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), was a featured speaker during the IAP Global Webinar ‘Academies of science and medicine: Actions to advance urban health’. As cities and countries move through the epidemic, seeking lessons learned that can be applied to “building back better” across sectors within cities and nations, IAP carried out a systematic review of current work by national academies of science and medicine on the broad determinants of urban health. The key findings of the study, plus recommendations, were presented. O’Donnell spoke about Sustainable Communities!, SSEC’s Global Goals community research guide. About 40 attendees tuned into this webinar.


CSR Europe SDG Summit 2022


O’Donnell presented at the CSR Europe SDG Summit 2022. As part of a roundtable focused on “Equipping STEM Students & Professionals for Climate Action”, panelist discussed how we can build a diverse and inclusive STEM talent pipeline; how companies can contribute to raising students’ scientific literacy; and how they can equip professionals with the skills needed. This roundtable attracted approximately 200 participants.





Credit: C. O’Donnell and Daniel Perez for Diplomatic Courier

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